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Advance Wound Care
With Amniotic Membrane Skin Graft**

Wellness Solution 360 provides an innovative treatment option, covered by insurance, designed to bring healing and relief to patients grappling with chronic wounds that have proven resistant to conventional therapies. Our proven approach offers effective solutions, instilling hope and providing a pathway to a better quality of life.


It is crucial to note that our treatment is not a replacement but rather an adjunct to conventional chronic wound care. 


We provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach tailored to each patient's needs.


Key Benefits

  •  **Minimally Invasive Treatment:** Our protocol involves a minimally invasive procedure incorporating the use of an amniotic allograft, facilitating rapid healing in chronic wounds.

  • **Weekly Treatments:** Patients typically undergo treatments once a week for 10-week cycles, ensuring a consistent and structured approach to care.

  • **Accelerated Healing:** Most patients witness significant improvement in chronic wound healing within 2-4 months, fostering renewed hope, increased mobility, and an enhanced quality of life.


Choosing Wellness Solution 360 means choosing a comprehensive and collaborative approach to chronic wound care, with a focus on achieving meaningful and lasting results.

Who Qualifies For Our Treatment?

Patients with:

  • - Open wounds on the skin

  • - Wounds greater than 1 sq cm

  • - Non-infected wounds

  • - A minimum of 30 days of prior treatment history

Patients Who Suffer from Chronic & Persistent Wounds

  • Diabetic ulcers

  • Pressure ulcers

  • Burns

  • Bed sores

  • Amputation

  • Puncture wounds

  • And more…

Allow us to guide you on the path to the healing you deserve. Take the first step by completing our pre-screening form. Your journey to wellness begins with this simple action. 

Don't delay—start your healing process today!"
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Doctor's Desk

What our patients are saying:

“This has been life changing for me. I feel like I am living again. Thanks Wellness Solution 360” 

A. Young

**Treatment is covered by Medicare 

Compliance with applicable regulations and FDA guidance, and the rigorous standards of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB)**

Currently registered and in good standing through March 2025

Long-term Care residents with Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans, all prior-authorization and certification handled by Wellness Solution 360

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